Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 2 - A trip to Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine, AZ

Today we meet at 7.30am at the front desk. PaNa go a bit earlier to discuss the shower problem and the noise during the night. They will check this…

We leave and go to buy some groceries for our lunch at the “Sunflower Farmers Market”. Then we see a nice little diner – Temptations Café – where we have breakfast. Very friendly people and very good food, so we ask if they are open the next day. They tell us that tomorrow is Memorial Day and that they will be closed. We will have to remember that as other places will be closed as well.

Around 10am we arrive at the “Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine” where, for the first time, we feel the real Arizona sun! Lucien does not doubt and buys a nice cowboy hat and he is looking great! The town is a nice attraction. After a while we drive towards “Canyon Lake” where we take a picture of the overview before arriving at the lake. It seems to us that this lake is more used by the locals to escape the heat of the burning sun.

We drive back to the “Desert Botanical Garden”. We face some little problems… first the garden is in full sun without any shade and secondly they ask 25$ per person for entrance which is not worth it for us as it really is too hot. Finally we know a nice alternative for the garden… “The Cheesecake Factory”! Sofie likes that idea and soon we are back in the car, enjoying the air-conditioning, heading for the nice cheesecakes… After one and a half hour and lots of cheesecakes we continue our trip to some shopping malls. Around 7pm we are back at our hotel for a refreshing shower. In PaNa’s room there is an envelope with a letter of apologies for the noise and a voucher of 12$ to be used at the bar. The noisy people have left now and the management will make sure to put quiet people in the room next to us. Our shower is still a problem as the cleaning lady also does not know how to make it work. The front desk is calling the technical department in order to solve this mystery. A bit later the receptionist comes with the solution… you have to pull the spout mouth of the bath in order to have the shower work… good to know! Finally we can enjoy a nice refreshing shower.

Afterwards we head back to Don & Charlie’s but it is closed! This is bad luck as the food was great. We look for a steak house which we find after half an hour walk, the “Outback Steakhouse”.

After dinner we return to our hotel for a, quiet, night.

Daytrip approx. 219 km

Our rental, a Ford Expedition Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine Do you like my new hat? Canyon Lake Botanical Garden