Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 17 - A walk in Denver

This morning we drive to the center of Denver and from there we go on by foot in order to discover the city.

Without knowing we reach the spot where on that day you could enjoy the Gay Pride. This is a very nice atmosphere and what we saw is indescribable, very eccentric costumes but with a very friendly ambience.

Still very hot… for lunch we go to a Mexican restaurant downtown, very nice.

Then we walk to a.o. the station with a beautiful residential area and park around it. There you can enjoy street theaters for free but we decide to enjoy a nice cold frappucino at Starbuck’s!

We go back to the center to do some shopping and completely exhausted we get back to the hotel for our last night in the USA!

Denver, Colorado PrideFest in Denver Union Station