Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 12 - Dead Horse SP and Canyonlands NP

Today we go to Dead Horse Point State Park. This is really a ‘must’!

A breathtaking view of a very dry, orange colored valley where you get the impression that god took a bite out of the earth! We drive through the park, we have several stops and go for some short walks as it is again very hot. We both bought a hat with something to cover our neck as you get burned very easily here. A good insect repellant is also advisable.

Afterwards we drive to Canyonlands National Park. This park offers similar views of beautiful orange canyons but still extremely hot… drink a lot of water is the message. With every hike, no matter how short, you absolutely need to take a bottle of water with you. We walk along the Mesa Arch Trail, at the end of the path you reach a ravine with a huge arch and the view you get behind that arch… leaves us speechless! Again we see lots of raptors, maybe they hope for a good meal… At different places we have a great view of the gigantic canyon where the green river runs and this is one of the most beautiful places of our trip!

On our way we see a small path to go off-road with our 4x4 which heads down to the canyon… We decide to try it but after a short while we do not want to risk it any further as we have to drive so close to the ravine so we decide to return. The dust around us is orange. When we head back the car is so dirty, we can not look through the window anymore.

We decide to wash the car in the evening as we can not drive like this any further! On our way to the hotel we stop at a self car wash to wash the car.

In the evening we go back to the brewery for dinner, this time no margerita’s… we go to bed early again.

Daytrip approx. 183 km

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah Canyonlands National Park, Utah Mesa Arch Let's go to the carwash...