Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 4 - From Estes Park to Cheyenne, WY

Today we drive towards Cheyenne, we pass through the cosy little city of Loveland, a typical city next to the highway with only low-rise buildings. It is a sunny day with a blue sky. In the morning it is still very cold in the mountains. We stop at Sleepy Hollow Park next to a creek to have a picknick. Just like almost every stop, we are alone and enjoy the silence. After a few stops we reach Cheyenne.

We park our car and decide to go on by foot. By now it got already warm! We start our walk at the Holiday Park where there’s a huge steam locomotive with chipmunks playing on it. We reach a diner, The Egg & I, where we finally get our first American pancakes. Patrick enjoys this acquaintance: bacon, eggs, pancakes with marple syrup… fantastic!

We continue discovering the city and reach a Wrangler store. I decide to buy a jeans, after trying about 20 of them, I finally find one that I like and fits. The woman in the shop is very friendly, a real American, we ask her for a nice place to have dinner. Later it seems to have been a good idea as the address she gave us serves the best meat, the view was not great which she told us but the food makes up for everything (the Super 7).

Cheyenne is a nice, quite city with lots of cowboy influences, beautiful houses, parks… we decide to visit the Old West Museum where you can see carriages and outside it is surrounded by an old fort.

Daytrip approx. 163 km

Roosevelt National Forest Our first 'Humming Bird' @ Roosevelt NF Big Boy in Holliday Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming Breakfast at The Egg & I Old West Museum